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Welcome to Jamborow

Jamborow is Africa’s first B2B AI and Blockchain driven fintech platform focused on financial inclusion and grassroot empowerment. Having started life as a start-up Fintech that has quickly developed into a multifaceted economy for the unbanked and underbanked Ecosystem whereby we are able to directly impact on changing lives of the lower income and rural communities within Africa

Jamborow believes in the importance of financial inclusion services to the unbanked and grassroots which lies in providing access to financial services for individual and businesses in dire need.

  • Jamborow have built an AI driven Fintech Platform to provide financial services to their customers
  • Users will be able to enjoy access to financial services afforded to other population in developing countries. This greatly enables the concept of financial inclusion services
  • We aim to contribute to positive change in the lives of low income women and men, households and communities. This requires careful partner selection, monitoring and support as well as a balanced assessment of social performance.
  • A competitive professional lender network with established lenders providing value-added services as our distribution channel and cross-member interaction, with other lenders transacting on our platform
  • Jamborow offers our users easy, convenient and immediate access to microloans, and our channel partners an easy, practical and organized way to manage and service their customers

The Problem

Massive unbanked population in Africa not included in the financial sector. 65% of the population are unbanked.

Micro lenders, micro saving schemes and cooperatives are not automated, and can’t scale effectively.

No insight and data-driven science around lending to attract big money for micro lenders.

Peer-to-peer lenders (diaspora, individual lenders, etc.) do not have a platform to operate.

Banks cannot service this space.

The Opportunity

Peer-to-peer lenders (diaspora, individual lenders, etc.) now have a platform to operate.

Grassroot Data such as KYC and Credit footprint will better serve this segment.

Massive opportunity for lenders to access this demographic with attractive interest rates

Our Solution

Jamborow has built Africa’s first intelligent B2B AI and Blockchain FinTech platform.

  • A value-added micro-finance platform with a diversified user base.Strong partnerships and cooperations with leading micro-lenders, cooperatives and MFIs.

  • A diversified borrower base with unbanked/underbanked merchants, artisan, workers, students, e.t.c. Loan products and other financial services that meet their individual needs.

  • A competitive professional lender network with established lenders providing value-added services. Cross member interaction, with other members transacting on our platform.

  • A network of competitive and cheap funding sources providing lending capital to our professional lenders, based on coverage opportunity and return.

  • Codified incentives and processes to encourage provide a higher rate of repayment. Technology with robust multi-threading capability that handles bulk transaction in seconds and accomodates the expansion and processing of more complex user data.

Jamborow Platform Advantage


User ID and password protected third-party/channel partner portals.


Reporting capability, administrative functions, and the ability to set business rules for two-way referrals.


Creation of wallets for all users

API Enabled

Codeshare API-enabled and pattern matching-enabled to facilitate onboarding of users.

Credit Scoring

Credit check and proprietary credit scoring algorithim


SMS messaging capability to users via sort codes or USSD codes


Banner messaging capability to channel partner portals.

Artificial Intelligence

AI (Robo Advisor) algorithm intergration with blockchain KYC

Jamborow's social impact on Sub-Sahara Africa's SMEs and grassroot economy

Jamborow impacts the grassroots of Africa as follows:

Whitelabel Product

    VICOBA in Tanzania

  • Increase value chains through partnerships and start grouping VICOBAs into bigger groups for more efficiency and therefore create bigger industries by bringing more technology and more capacity.
  • Create processes and procedures that will guide groups into joining the value chain, build capacity to ensure quality outputs and guarantee.
  • COBba is modeled after Vicoba with KYC designed to capture extensive data and COBba AI is build to optimize data science and provide accurate analysis and predictions.
  • COBba can integrate with multi platforms who can offer value (beyond financial inclusion ) to the groups including banks, micro lenders, insurance companies, pension schemes, health services providers, NGO’s etc.
  • The AI will allow for accurate mapping of the economic activities under taken by group members

A De-risked FinTech Eco-System

A Fintech Platform that offers financial inclusion to the unbanked and underbanked populations across Africa

  • Digitization & Automation of Processes and KYC Information
  • Artificial Intelligence Driven
  • Cloud-enabled
  • Easy to use
  • Access to Microfinance & Insurance Products
  • Linked to Payment Platforms & Mobile Money
  • Credit Scoring Algorithms

The Jamborow Team

Olusegun George
Moses Onitilo
Victory Yemi Oluwasegun
Head of Software Development
Meshach Ishaya
Cheif Communications Officer (CCO)
Ms. M. O. Omitowoju
Head of Investor Relations
Vellma Noel Amondi Okoyo
Marketing Coordinator
Gloria Raetzer

Our Advisory Board

Advisory Board Member
Remi Duyile
Advisory Board Member
Pete Woodhouse
Advisory Board Member
Marie-Desiree Hema
Advisory Board Member
Pete Williamson
Advisory Board Member
Muna Mohamed
Advisory Board Member
Quinetha Frasier

Frequent Questions Asked

  • How does Jamborow work?

    Jamborow uses the latest innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain and various social performance tools to ensure our clients such as Traditional Lenders, Associations, Co-operatives, Agricultural Banks, Micro-Finance Bank) can digitise their business and provide other financial service products and social economic development solutions to their customers that begin to help people move out of poverty.

  • What does Jamborow do?

    Jamborow has built Africa’s first inclusive, intelligent B2B AI led fintech platform. We aim to contribute to positive change in the lives of women and men, households and communities.

  • What does Jamborow have to offer?

    Jamborow offers our users easy, convenient and immediate access to microloans, and our channel partners an easy, practical and organized way to manage and service their customers.

  • Where is Jamborow located?

    Jamborow’s ecosystem cuts across PanAfrican countries such as: Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Botswana etc.

  • What is Jamborow's reach?

    Jamborow has a reach of 8 million + people all across Africa and beyond.

  • How do I contact Jamborow?

    Contact us by simply sending an email to info@jamborow.com

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